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Select 6-8 films of AVA to form a program of your choice! Tell us why these films are great and how they fit together.


Win 500 Euro for the best curation and 200 Euro for the 2nd best! 10 AVA-curators will receive a free Berlin library card.


The two winning selections will be published on AVA Platform for the Association of Public Libraries in Berlin (VÖBB).


This is how it works:

•    Watch films on AVA Platform for VÖBB (

•    Tell us the titles of the films you selected

•    Tell us how you would like to call your selection

•    Write a brief explanation of max. 400 characters to describe your selection

•    Send us your submission through the form below in German or English language

•    And – if it’s a great selection with a great description – win 500 Euro :-)

Best of all - enjoy watching films on AVA! It is always free with your library card from VÖBB

*rules and conditions apply >>>

Entries are now closed and winners are now being selected. Thank you for your suggestions!

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