Director: Mbithi Masya

Kenya and Germany, 2016

When Kaleche wakes up in the middle of the wilderness, she’s having no idea how or why she got there. She makes her way to Kati Kati, a nearby lodge, where she meets a motley crew of residents under the leadership of Thoma. As Kaleche strikes up a quick and intense friendship with him, she discovers that the functional alcoholoic is a very special guy at a mysterious place: Kati Kati is inhabited by the souls of dead people waiting for redemption…



Director: Licí­nio Azevedo

Mozambique, 2016

Mozambique is in the midst of civil war. A single train connects Nampula to Malawi. No civilians are allowed and yet hundreds risk their lives through 700km of sabotaged tracks. Rosa is a young nurse on her way to her first job, who soon becomes an object of desire. Mariamu, her close friend, only hopes to trade salt for sugar. Amongst bullets and laughter, life goes on and stories unfold as the train advances under attack, ever so slowly, towards the next stop.


Directors: Nana Obiri Yeboah

and Maximilian Claussen

Ghana and United Kingdom, 2015


A series of misfortunes lead a West African village to accuse a young girl, Asabi, of witchcraft. Their Pastor insists that salvation lies in her exorcism and death. Disillusioned reporter, Godwin finds himself swept up in the witch hunt. With the help of a young school teacher, he attempts to save Asabi’s life, fighting back against corruption and false prophets. Based on true events, The Cursed Ones is a story of morality, corruption, and community in the heart of Africa. 


Director: Louis de Witt

South Africa, 1973


When local soccer team “The Eagles” fall prey to a series of onslaughts from a mysterious gangster only a week before the championship final, the team turns to the one man that can help save their chances at victory – Joe Bullet. Joe will have to battle against villainous henchmen, escape booby-trap bombs and bring his martial arts expertise to the fore in order to survive an attack from a deadly assassin. The odds will be stacked against him, but he’s the man that fights crime, the man that no one can tie down! Joe Bullet! 


Directors: Donald Mugisha

and James Tayler

South Africa, Kenya, Uganda

and Germany, 2015

Even though he is only 15 years old, when his father is injured in a road accident Abel takes up the responsibility of manning the family boda boda to provide for the family. But when a local hustler offers him the chance of being a snatch and grab get-away driver, he lurches headlong into a world of easy money and quick thrills. It all turns sour when Abel is forced to pile lie upon lie to his parents and the authorities as he searches for the stolen motorbike through the underbelly of Kampala.


Director: Taye Balogun

Kenya, Denmark, Hungary, Tanzania

and United Kingdom, 2016

A film portraying the philosophy, history and fight-for-justice of the most enthralling band in Kenya, which continues to build a bridge between all different social classes with their music and inspires a population living in abject poverty. ‘Music Is Our Weapon’ is a metaphorical journey of a young vibrant band that never ceases to believe that music is a weapon of change. 


Director: Mehdi Ba and Jeremy Frey

France, 2014

What happened in Rwanda in 1994 was not simply the spontaneous eruption of inter-ethnic hatred. It was planned genocide, on an industrial scale. Something that was prepared for at least a year in advance. Lists were made. Weapons were collected... 


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